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Our program is designed for you to sell in any 8-day period you choose and pay one flat fee of just $990 at closing, significantly less than you'd typically pay selling the traditional way. To make it even better, you could end up with a higher price than selling traditionally. In fact, a 2023 independent study showed that 10,252 homeowners who used our home selling program averaged 7.8% higher prices than other homes sold in their local MLS.

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Easy, Fast, Convenient

Experience the ultimate in home selling convenience.

You will never sell your home the traditional way after experiencing the just 990 program to sell your home at a better price, more quickly, more easily, and all for a total fee as low as just $990 at closing. Your just 990 assigned agent will guide you through every step of the home selling and closing process, always striving to protect your interests. This is real estate reinvented, a program designed with your interests and your walkaway net proceeds in mind.

7-Day Availability

You have a representative available 7 days a week.

Your just 990 assigned representative is available to you 7 days a week (even on weekends). They will answer your questions promptly, assist you in any way they can, and embrace the opportunity to protect your interests and ensure you are satisfied with your price. They will be a licensed real estate professional with years of experience so you can be confident in their advice. With our program you save on commission but you don't sacrifice on service.

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Here’s Our Secret!

How can the fee be just $990?

Our secret is the low $990 fee is a magnet for home seller business. You've probably seen our commercials on TV each day, so you may be interested to know that now, in March of 2024, we are averaging 50+ homeowners a day who sign up on our website to learn about our $990 home selling program. They know it doesn't make sense to pay 5%-6% when they now have access to a more convenient way to sell at a cost of just $990. The more we get the message out, the more business floods in. We win... and you do too!