JUST 990JUST 990

Federal Court Decision

Strikes Down 6%

A recent federal court decision and nationwide settlement by the U.S. Realtor trade association just opened the door to aggressive price competition in the real estate sector.The days of 5%-6% are over! So we are proud to be first in the nation to offer a 100% full service, full marketing, full representation home selling service for a flat fee under $1000... just $990.

JUST 990
JUST 990

All Traditional Services

For Just $990

The Realtors in our program have agreed to provide you with all the same advertising, negotiation, contract preparation and representation they had previously offered to their 6% clients. With just 990, you sacrifice nothing and walk away with tens of thousands more at closing! It’s truly that simple. There is no downside to you, only a multi-thousand-dollar upside. Our $990 fee applies regardless of your sale price.

Pay Less. Get More.

Sell with Just 990

While you pay less, you don’t get less. In fact, with just 990 you get more. Our innovative home showing process allows you to decide each week when buyers come through your home. You set times that fit your schedule. Of course, it’s more convenient for you, but buyers love it too! They love being able to see showing times online. This makes it easier for them to plan ahead and they don’t have to call an agent for a showing appointment. Check out the array of marketing and representation you receive for just $990!

JUST 990JUST 990

Our Services

Worldwide Marketing

You get stunning photos, a gorgeous brochure and worldwide exposure of your home on Zillow, Realtor.com and all major buyer websites. You benefit from the best in traditional marketing without the traditional cost.

More Buyers

Buyers appreciate seeing your showing times online, enabling them to plan ahead and not have to call an agent to schedule an appointment. This can result in more showings and more offers for you.

100% Full Service

You get a home valuation, an estimated sale price, expert price negotiation, contract protection and representation through closing. You benefit from all traditional home selling services without the traditional cost.

Higher Offers

When buyers walkthrough your home at the same time, they see each other coming and going, which creates a competitive environment, resulting in faster, higher offers for you.

7.8% Higher Prices

Your 990 agent is certified by the nation’s #1 home sale training company whose agents were recognized in 2024 for achieving 7.8% higher average sale prices compared to their MLS competitors.

Buyer Registry

Buyers who walk through your home sign in on a just 990 Buyer Registry. Your 990 agent follows up with each buyer, answers their questions, and secures the best possible offers for you.

Convenient Showings

Buyers see your home on your schedule because you give your 990 agent the times each week when you want buyers to see your home. Those times will be posted on MLS, Zillow, and other home search websites for buyers to see.

All For $990

You get all of this along with an agent who is part of an elite group that is averaging 7.8% higher prices for their sellers... all for just $990 at closing. You have a better experience and walk away with thousands more.

Watch this video of our founder explaining the JUST 990 program

Watch this video from a recent JUST 990 home seller