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Receive immediate details on our agent's newly listed properties, including the address and price, before they have for sale signs, and submitted to MLS, or appear on popular websites like Zillow and Our low fee structure for sellers could open the door to a better price for you.



Get an immediate text alert when newly listed homes match your preferences.

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Ready for real-time updates on homes that match your home search criteria? Sign up for free! Just let us know your preferred areas and price range, and we'll inform the Just 990 agent who services those neighborhoods to notify you immediately (within hours) when they list suitable properties.

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Sellers Save.You Benefit.

Our Just 990 Agents help sellers save significantly on selling costs. This saving can translate into a more attractively priced home for you. Our low fee to sellers eliminates a costly real estate agent intermediary creating a mutual financial advantage for both buyers and sellers.

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What CanYou Expect?

Once we pass your details to our local Agent, they will confirm receipt via text and keep you updated on properties that meet your needs.

Rest assured, your information is used exclusively for new listing alerts and will be removed upon your request. This services aims to connect you with your ideal home at a great price, while also facilitating quicker, hassle-free sales for our sellers.

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We ValueYour Feedback

Your experience matters to us. Share your thoughts on our agent's performance and how we can better serve you. Reach out at [email protected] or call us at 480-998-9900 during business hours. Let's make your home-buying journey exceptional together.

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"A man travels the world over in search of what he needsand returns home to find it."

- George A. Moore